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[bt_cost_calculator admin_email=”” subject=”Subject of email” email_client=”” email_confirmation=”” time_start=”09:00″ time_end=”18:00″ currency=”$” currency_after=”” m_name=”” m_email=”” m_phone=”” m_address=”” m_date=”” m_time=”” m_message=”” accent_color=”” show_booking=”” date_text=”Preferred Service Date” time_text=”Preferred Service Time” rec_site_key=”” rec_secret_key=”” paypal_email=”” paypal_cart_name=”” paypal_currency=”” el_class=”” el_style=””][bt_cc_item name=”Approx. Square Footage” type=”slider” value=”10;1000;50;2″ images=”” img_height=””][/bt_cc_item][bt_cc_item name=”Number of Levels” type=”slider” value=”1;5;1;50″ images=”” img_height=””][/bt_cc_item][bt_cc_item name=”Square Feet to Paint” type=”text” value=”20″ images=”” img_height=””][/bt_cc_item][bt_cc_item name=”Pipes to Replace (feet)” type=”slider” value=”0;100;10;25.5″ images=”” img_height=””][/bt_cc_item][bt_cc_item name=”Renovate bathroom” type=”select” value=”Low end;400.23; Mid range;600.22; High end;800.32;” images=”” img_height=””][/bt_cc_item][bt_cc_item name=”Renovate kitchen” type=”select” value=”Low end;400.23; Mid range;600.22; High end;800.32;” images=”” img_height=””][/bt_cc_item][bt_cc_multiply][bt_cc_item name=”Air conditioners type” type=”select” value=”Window Air Conditioner;400.23; Ductless Air Conditioner;600.22; Central Air Conditioning;800.32;” images=”” img_height=””][/bt_cc_item][bt_cc_item name=”Number of Devices” type=”slider” value=”0;5;1;1″ images=”” img_height=””][/bt_cc_item][/bt_cc_multiply][bt_cc_multiply][bt_cc_item name=”Doors Type” type=”select” value=”Steel insulated doors;100.23; Solid wood doors;240.22; Aluminum storm door;310.32;” images=”” img_height=””][/bt_cc_item][bt_cc_item name=”Number of Doors” type=”slider” value=”0;50;1;1″ images=”” img_height=””][/bt_cc_item][/bt_cc_multiply][bt_cc_multiply][bt_cc_item name=”Windows type” type=”select” value=”Wood/vinyl windows;50.23; Aluminum windows;140.22; Aluminum storm windows;210.32; Fixed thermal glass (existing frames);120.32;” images=”” img_height=””][/bt_cc_item][bt_cc_item name=”Number of windows” type=”slider” value=”0;50;1;1″ images=”” img_height=””][/bt_cc_item][/bt_cc_multiply][bt_cc_multiply][bt_cc_item name=”Install new floor” type=”select” value=”New Laminate Flooring;50.23; New Carpet;40.22; New Hardwoods;20.32; Hardwood Refinishing;17.32;” images=”” img_height=””][/bt_cc_item][bt_cc_item name=”Square Feet” type=”slider” value=”0;500;10;1″ images=”” img_height=””][/bt_cc_item][/bt_cc_multiply][/bt_cost_calculator]

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